Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Wise

Aaron Wise is BlackCloak Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years experience, Aaron brings to BlackCloak a strong track record of execution on strategic and tactical objectives. His leadership, combined with his unique approach to applying modern technology in a cost-effective and efficient manner, has earned him various promotions at every organization he has worked for throughout his career. 

Currently at BlackCloak, Aaron is responsible for building out the technical infrastructure, software, and quality engineering team. He leads the execution of the company’s product roadmap, with oversight of important technical integrations, technology selections, and decisions on operational efficiencies. Aaron is also actively building out a world-class engineering team to support BlackCloak through a phase of unprecedented growth. 

Over the past two decades, Aaron has been instrumental in creating and developing engineering programs and fostering strong department cultures in companies such as ZeroNorth, GMO Investment Management, and Serving as the Senior Security Architect for, Aaron was the driving force behind the database implementation and website interfaces, resulting in customized automation and reduced overhead. As the VP of Engineering for ZeroNorth, Aaron earned a Leadership Award for his management of many large-scale projects, and his persistence in developing a culture that fostered long-term growth.

Aaron’s diverse skill set, analytical mind, and natural leadership abilities are prime examples of the traits that are revered at BlackCloak. Each day, Aaron showcases a strong enthusiasm to further advance and improve the company’s digital executive protection solution.

Aaron received an MBA from Boston College, a Master’s in Information Assurance from Norwich University, and a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida. He also maintains a CISSP and Security Plus certification, and is named on a patent for security automation.