After a record number of data breaches in 2021, it should come as no surprise to learn that cyberattacks continue to make headlines.

In the latest installment of BlackCloak’s Thursday Threat Update, we take a look at data breaches that affected two distinctly different companies – Moncler & OpenSubtitles – and what you should do if your privacy or cybersecurity is at risk.

Fashion brand data breach a concern for “rich customers”

What We Know: Fashion retailer Moncler recently confirmed it had suffered a data breach back in December, and that the group behind the cyberattack threatened to sell the information of “rich customers” to other cybercriminals. Moncler has said that data belonging to customers, former and current employees, and business partners was caught up in the ransomware attack; however, the stolen information did not include any type of payment data.

Recommendation: The retailer announced that no payment data was compromised in the data breach. However, it is wise for any Moncler customer to monitor bank account statements and credit reports for fraudulent activity. The company has not publicly disclosed what information was stolen. Moncler customers should also be on the lookout for any suspicious messages from unknown senders. In addition,  Moncler users should also reset their passwords now. Do not wait to learn whether passwords were compromised in the breach.

Subtitle website data breach affects millions of users

What We Know: OpenSubtitles, a website that provides subtitles for various movies and television shows, recently acknowledged that it had been breached back in August 2021. The compromised data included the usernames, passwords, and email addresses of nearly seven million users. Credit card information was not included in the breach. It was later discovered that IP addresses and location data were compromised. The cybercriminals published the data on January 11th. They did not delete the information once they received bitcoin payment, as initially promised.

Recommendations: The website recommends users reset their passwords for both their OpenSubtitles account, as well as any other accounts that share the same password. OpenSubtitle users must lookout for targeted phishing attacks since location data may have been compromised. Cybercriminals may use your location to send you malicious messages containing relevant information about your area. As for potentially exposed IP addresses, BlackCloak has you covered. We will conduct network scans for any vulnerabilities to protect you from unauthorized access.

How BlackCloak helps you when data breaches occur

Data breaches can leave you stressed, but you do not have to tackle the fallout of these cyberattacks alone. As a BlackCloak member, we are here to help Protect Your Digital Life. Schedule an appointment with our Concierge Support team if you wish to talk to one of our staff members directly.

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