Five Ways to Limit Executive Exposure: Essential Strategies for Digital Security

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Five ways to limit executive exposure

Digital footprints define the contours of executive visibility. With cyber threats evolving at a relentless pace, the need for robust digital hygiene is paramount. Especially for high-profile executives whose personal information, if compromised, could have far-reaching consequences for themselves and their organizations.

Listen to this enlightening on-demand webinar that illuminates five ways to secure Digital Executive Protection as a part of an executive protection strategy. Learn from some of the foremost authorities in personal cybersecurity as they share strategies to reduce executive exposure.



Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Chris Pierson, Founder/CEO of BlackCloak
  • Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber
  • Malcolm Harkins, celebrated Former CISO and recognized thought leader


Learning Objectives:

  • Address the current and emerging threats to executive privacy and personal cybersecurity
  • Techniques to conceal and protect digital footprints
  • Best practices for personal cybersecurity in a corporate context
  • Examples of threats at home that need protection
  • Tips to fortify privacy for executives and board members