In 2020, we saw an upsurge in the use of webcams, but most people may not fully realize what it means to be spending more time on the camera. Did you know that it poses a serious privacy and data threat? Hackers could use your device’s front-facing camera to spy on you. The act of hacking into a webcam is called “camfecting,” and it’s an even bigger threat than you might think. Hackers can use all kinds of webcams, including desktop, laptop, and mobile cameras, to spy on you, steal your personal information, and use what they learn to hack into your accounts. 

Are you sure your camera isn’t on? - Webcam Privacy TipsAre you sure your camera isn’t on?

A recent report showed that anyone with an internet connection could access at least 15,000 webcams around the world. The idea that anyone might spy on you while you’re at home without you knowing it is not an internet myth! Devices and cameras are at risk o being remotely accessed when they are not protected properly with things like a firewall or anti-virus software.We know that cyber-crime is an age-old threat, but it keeps refreshing itself in new ways. According to Global Newswire, 79 percent of Americans believe that their webcam could compromise their privacy. 

Here are the top three reasons that you should make webcam privacy a priority: 

  1. To keep you safe from physical harm or property theft
  2. To prevent the breach of your personal information or data
  3. To safeguard your right to privacy

Hackers work overtime to come up with innovative methods to violate your privacy. And the best way to keep webcam infiltration at bay is to follow in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey and use a webcam cover or a tape.

Why Use a Webcam Cover?

A single click can allow remote access to your camera if it is open to the internet or a hacker has infiltrated your device. The risk is real. So, let’s get into more detail on the three reasons why Webcam privacy is a must.

  1. To keep you safe from physical harm or property theft – When hackers are able to look into your home through your webcam, they can study your daily patterns. They can see when you sleep, eat, and leave the house. They can use this knowledge to plan a break-in.
  2. To prevent the breach of your personal information or data like photos and files – Hackers search for opportunities to get details about you that they can use against you. They could use your webcam to spy on your and learn information like passwords and personal details that later could be used to hijack accounts, commit identity theft, or crack into your financial accounts. It is a safe option to use a webcam cover to not just protect your privacy but also your data..
  3. To safeguard your right to privacy – If you are like most people, this is the reason that probably first comes to mind when you think of why to use Webcam covers. Stories of folks spying on families through their internet-connected cameras abounds. It is possible you already thought of securing your home camera system or maybe even the camera in your desktop computer, but what about the webcam in your tablet or your phone sitting on a stand and pointing into your room? As you think about using webcam covers, think through all the cameras that can see into your home.

A Few More Tips for Using Webcam Covers to Protect Your PrivacyA Few More Tips for Using Webcam Covers to Protect Your Privacy

If you have a new MacBook, before choosing the perfect webcam cover, make sure that its thickness does not damage the display. The clearance between the screen and keyboard is really tight. You may want to take off the webcam cover before closing the lid to be safe.. Apple published a support article urging the use of camera cover only in case of urgent requirement as the camera indicator light is well-equipped to indicate when the camera is functioning. Still, we strongly recommend the use of webcam covers.

Apart from using a webcam cover, you can alternatively review your security settings, be wary of downloadable links and get antivirus software. 

Being informed is the first step towards your safety. Your privacy is in your control if you take note of the information we’ve shared! 

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