Cybercriminals are using new and inventive strategies to target the personal assets of high-net-worth individuals. In the modern age, criminals can appropriate your assets and disrupt your personal privacy without ever stepping foot in the same country.

Because of their wealth and status, high-net-worth individuals are at far greater risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. As such, they require the most robust and comprehensive personal cybersecurity. High-net-worth individuals need round-the-clock cyber protections that proactively adapt to the many evolving digital threats from around the globe.

There are many cybersecurity options, but not all are of the same caliber. Here are six keys to remember when identifying the right personal cybersecurity services to protect your high-value assets.

1. Digital Risk Takes Many Forms

Cybercriminals often seek to impersonate or infiltrate the personal accounts of wealthy individuals to gain access to personal or corporate assets. Ransomware attacks have also gained publicity for the damage they’ve caused the corporate, public, and private sectors. Whether it’s identity theft, social engineering, digital fraud, or other types of attacks, it’s important to remember that malicious criminal attacks can take varied and surprising forms.

Sometimes, cyberattacks are simply designed to disrupt, harass, and cause harm. For instance, doxxing and swatting attacks have become increasingly common as stalkers, hacktivists, and other disruptors seek to antagonize high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Modern personal cybersecurity requires protection against all these forms of digital risk.

2. Digital Security is Physical Security

Digital risk protection has become a fundamental facet of physical safeguards. Cybercriminals may try to infiltrate home networks to access IoT smart devices (including home security and surveillance).

Personal digital risk protections seek to prevent such network intrusions, as well as malicious location tracking and other methods where bad actors exploit digital vulnerabilities to disrupt privacy, commit theft, or cause violence.

3. Reputation is an Asset

The personal private lives of high-net-worth individuals and their families remain a frequent target of cybercriminals. Even innocuous private information may be manipulated into a means of damaging reputations.

Reputation is as much an asset as any other. For the sake of families and their affiliated businesses, privacy protections must be robust and comprehensive:

  • Personal accounts must remain secure.
  • Personal devices must remain protected, regardless of the network they connect to.
  • Home networks must remain defended even against complex and aggressive network attacks.

4. Protection for the Entire Family

The risk cybercriminals pose to high-net-worth individuals extends to entire families. Unsecured family personal accounts can be the foothold cybercriminals need to access sensitive private information and financial assets. No personal digital protection plan is complete without comprehensive family protection.

To that end, the best personal cybersecurity services understand the needs and challenges of organizing a family-wide digital risk protection plan. Since families often operate on different schedules with varied levels of tech understanding, effective cybersecurity services provide the continued, personalized support that families need to maintain a reliable cybersecurity plan.

5. Integrated Digital Risk Protection

High-net-worth individuals require defenses as advanced as the weapons used against them. However, even the most advanced combined cybersecurity services can carry significant vulnerabilities if they aren’t properly integrated.

The best personal cybersecurity measures are synergistically organized by experts, providing effective defense-in-depth digital protection plans with constant 24/7/365 protection.

These best personal cybersecurity services will coordinate the following services:

  • Online privacy protection
  • Digital fraud and identity theft protection
  • Desktop and mobile device security
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Location tracking prevention
  • Data broker removal services
  • Regular penetration testing

6. Special Needs Require Specialty Service

Finally, the quality of their cybersecurity support service is just as important as the tech. High-net-worth individuals require cybersecurity professionals who provide appropriate advice and understand the financial and legal ramifications of cyberattacks, in order to prepare accordingly.

A one-size-fits-all product and customer support won’t meet high-net-worth individuals’ needs. They require cybersecurity support of concierge quality. True concierge cybersecurity involves training tailored to clients, ongoing product configuration, and available support specialists who can easily respond to any client questions, needs, and requests with white-glove quality of service.

Concierge Cybersecurity for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Effective cybersecurity is a multi-pronged process. High-net-worth individuals require state-of-the-art digital risk protection services overseen by cybersecurity and privacy experts. They need the multifaceted concierge cybersecurity services of BlackCloak.

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Rest easy knowing your digital security and privacy are protected by the best services available. Reach out to BlackCloak, or request a demo, to learn more about our products and services.