Over the course of this blog series on digital executive protection, we went into detail about how we help protect the personal privacy, devices and homes of senior executives. 

We discussed how our Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection platform reduces risks ranging from lateral attack movement and financial fraud, to man-in-the-middle attacks, malware spread, software and hardware vulnerabilities, and more. 

In this final article, we explore the uniqueness of our concierge approach, why it’s essential to help navigate the complexities of today’s threat landscape, and how it helps ensure peace of mind. 

What is client service in cybersecurity? 

According to data from Salesforce, the cybersecurity industry has done more to transform customer service expectations than any other industry. In fact, at the time of writing this article, LinkedIn shows almost 4,000 customer success and customer service open roles within the cybersecurity industry in the United States alone. 

However, the industry lacks a ubiquitous definition of what customer service is. For some companies, customer service is prioritized during the onboarding and configuration process only to fizzle out over time. Other companies offer ongoing support, but prioritize inquiries based on client size (aka annual revenue), the order of which tickets were submitted, or how they perceive the urgency or severity of the threat. 

There are also an increasing number of SaaS-solutions that minimize customer support availability because of proclaimed ease-of-use. These companies typically offer generic info@ emails and offshore 1-800 numbers for canned responses to questions, comments and concerns. This low-touch approach can lower costs, but also puts the burden on individuals like you to solve complex challenges, no matter how big or small. 

The need for a concierge approach

The common thread connecting the vast majority of cybersecurity and privacy organizations is that there is no customization in how they approach customer service. They don’t take into account your risk profile, resources or infosec sophistication. It’s one size fits all; you get what you get, take it or leave it.

BlackCloak takes a wildly different approach to client service — what we call white glove concierge support. Our members are accustomed to high-touch, on-demand and meticulously transparent experiences in both their personal and work lives. Thus part or our vision is to replicate what executives and Board Members have become accustomed to, or risk being cast aside as irrelevant or unnecessary. 

Concierge digital privacy protection & cybersecurity 

We believe that concierge support is essential for us to protect your personal privacy and cybersecurity, and for you to gain total peace of mind. There are six components that define our concierge experience, which include: 

  • Personalized Onboarding Experience – Members of our customer success and threat intelligence teams work closely with you to customize the onboarding experience to meet your unique needs. We recognize that while some clients only require the basic setup and configuration, others will need extensive support, education and training. In addition, clients with a high risk profile might require a more extensive onboarding overview, whereas clients with a more moderate or low risk profile do not. 
  • US-Based Security Operations Center – Our SOC operates 24/7/365, proactively scanning your digital life for threats and vulnerabilities, while quickly reacting to any questions, comments, and concerns. For us, each client is created equal – the SOC does not prioritize tickets or account size in determining how or when to respond. Instead, when events arise, our SOC team works directly with you to remediate challenges or threats as quickly as possible. You can easily schedule a meeting with the security team through their BlackCloak app or via email. 
  • Ongoing Engagement – You’ll never wonder what we have done for you lately. Each month, we distribute a short yet transparent email update outlining the many ways in which we have worked behind the scenes to protect your privacy, personal devices and home networks. Further, whenever we discover or learn of a significant threat or vulnerability, we immediately send an email and/or Push Notification with an overview of the risk and specific actions to take, if any. Should the risk be severe enough, we will contact you via phone directly. However, we are also hyper-conscious of alert fatigue, so we do not send any notifications unless the circumstances truly demand doing so. 
  • On-Demand Support – Part of offering a truly concierge experience is to be responsive to clients no matter what. That’s why we frequently assist with ad hoc requests such as investigating a suspicious email, adding privacy protections to a new device, setting the family up with a password manager, and reviewing a new policy from Experian. In any of these situations, and countless others, your concierge team is always just one click away from addressing any questions, comments and concerns. 
  • Client Education – Each month we provide client-specific on-demand webinars, blogs, newsletters and more aimed at educating you on the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, and how to protect yourself and your family from them. This content is structured for even the least technical of clients to understand, and always offers actionable advice and recommendations. 
  • CISO Account Management – Our executive and board member clients aren’t the only ones to receive white glove concierge service. CISOs and security teams have a proactive and dedicated account manager accessible to answer any and all questions around SLAs and billing, as well as on the security of your executives under our protection. Depending on your plan, each month or two your account manager will share a report detailing how we helped protect your executives over a specific timeframe. We limit the information shared to what’s most important so as to not compromise a client’s individual and family privacy. 

It is through the combination of our technology platform paired with our concierge experience that we are truly helping to ensure peace of mind. 

This concludes our four part series breaking down the benefits of BlackCloak. We hope that you have found it interesting and  informative.

If you’re ready to protect your digital life, click here to speak with a BlackCloak representative about implementing a digital executive protection strategy at your company. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for company news and thought leadership on important personal privacy protection and cybersecurity topics.