Client Success Story

Matriarch Responds After Repeated Hacks

The Hero of the Story:

The Matriarch

Former Technology Company Owner
Multi-Generational Family
Referred by Her Wealth Management Firm

The Problem

The Matriarch experienced repeated hacking and identity theft incidents

Her credit cards were constantly compromised, with new cards having to be reissued.

She would receive notices of unauthorized access attempts on her smart device accounts.

She stopped using a password manager because it wasn’t syncing properly. As a result, she resorted to storing passwords in unsecure locations or reusing passwords to easily remember them across the large number of accounts she managed for herself and family.


We recommended a comprehensive five-step plan, starting with a discovery session so that we could learn more about The Matriarch’s unique situation and implement a highly targeted strategy that would be as effective as possible, both immediately and long term.

Determine how and where she was using the credit cards in an effort to determine where the compromise was occurring

Harden all of her important accounts with 2FA

Search for and address any exposed passwords that are contributing to the hacks

Review best practices for online purchasing (e.g. always use credit, never debit, etc)

Set-up and train on an encrypted password safe to keep passwords, credit cards and other information secure, and to account for ongoing assistance

Putting the Plan into Action

The Matriarch signed up for the BlackCloak Principal Plan to get added concierge assistance 7 days a week. We immediately identified and changed vulnerable passwords across her accounts and gave her the necessary training to successfully use a password manager. We also performed a security review of all devices and the home network including security cameras. The Matriarch implemented the BlackCloak application on every device within the family — including mobile devices, tablets and computers. Finally, she enabled Dual-Factor Authentication on all accounts.

The Results

Secured devices, cameras, and accounts

By reaching out to BlackCloak, The Matriarch stopped any future hacking attempts and gained the peace of mind she needed. In partnership with her IT professional, we helped secure her cameras after identifying that they were exposed and strangers could see inside and outside of her home. What’s more, she now uses a password manager on all her accounts, making it easier to use strong, hard-to-hack passwords as well as making logging into accounts faster. She also has 24/7 SOC monitoring on her devices. With a BlackCloak advisor standing by whenever she has a question, she’s getting reliable advice that allows her to confidently conduct her business and life online.

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