Concierge Cyber Security for Families

Protect your family, your home, your data and your devices. Advanced cyber security solutions for families at risk from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Cyber threats abound not just in the office but also penetrate the comfort of your own home. Cybercriminals targeting high-profile, high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) will seek any avenue to gain access to your network illegally and seize control of your data and devices. In fact, our recent research on the State of Personal Cybersecurity revealed network vulnerabilities in one in five homes, and passwords used in seven out of 10 households had been leaked to the dark web.

Laptops and PCs aren’t the only devices vulnerable to cyberattacks. The research also concluded that one in four families were affected by malware that had been unknowingly downloaded to remote devices.

Protect your privacy and the security of your family with BlackCloak, your premier concierge cybersecurity solution. Offering comprehensive cybersecurity packages that specifically locate, prevent and eliminate cyber threats, BlackCloak grants you peace of mind and optimal protection for your digital life.

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Concierge Cyber Security for Families

BlackCloak: Your Cyber Security Partner Providing Protection for Your Entire Family

With 24/7 monitoring capabilities and advanced protection for all your devices, BlackCloak will protect your digital life from malware and cyber threats that may compromise your family’s cybersecurity. Conducting regular network scans ensures immediate detection and response to a cyberattack, ensuring a strong, secure network.

BlackCloak Optimizes Your Family’s Privacy for Superior Cyber Security

Our professionals always follow strict privacy regulations to remain in compliance and utilize the latest cutting-edge cyber security tools to safeguard your data. This makes it increasingly difficult for cybercriminals to acquire your personal information or that of your family, or for your children to download malware or visit a malicious website inadvertently.

And, our family cyber security packages also come with concierge assistance and a personal privacy kit. It is easy to contact support from within the BlackCloak app. You can take comfort in knowing that you can always reach us via any device.

Cyber Security for Families — Solutions That Grant You Peace of Mind

You’ve already seen for yourself that today’s digital landscape can be a harsh and hostile environment, and children especially need protection from unnecessary exposure to risks. You certainly don’t want your child to be exposed to a hacker’s ill-natured attempt to infiltrate your network with destructive or unsuitable material, and an endless stream of phishing attempts plaguing your email accounts is another cyber threat that your family must contend with on a daily basis.

Keeping these cyber threats at bay and ensuring complete protection and privacy for your home network and accounts is our primary objective. Offering three types of subscription plans for families of high net worth and HNWIs, BlackCloak will meet your expectations and fulfill your security needs.

Our services include:

  • Computer and Mobile Device Monitoring.
  • Identity Theft Protection and Insurance.
  • Weekly Home Network Scans.
  • Personal Privacy Kit.
  • Continuous Scanning of the Deep/Dark Web.
  • Removal of Personal Information from Internet Data Brokers.

Our dedicated specialists are ready to provide you with holistic family cyber security and privacy protection, and we can offer expert guidance on building an optimal strategy for the ultimate in cybersecurity protection.