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Concierge Cybersecurity for Families

Optimal cybersecurity for families involves intuitive and holistic solutions that deter and immediately respond to the most complex and insidious cyber threats.

As a high-profile, high-net-worth individual (HNWI), or corporate executive, you’ll need a trusted privacy and security solution against the novel cybersecurity risks that abound in your personal life. Our research on the State of Personal Cybersecurity shows that 7 in 10 households have passwords leaked on the dark web, 1 in 5 connected homes contain vulnerabilities that allow stranger access, and 1 in 4 families currently have malware on their remote devices. 

BlackCloak offers comprehensive cybersecurity packages for families to help you safeguard your privacy, your home, your devices, and your peace of mind.

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Concierge Cybersecurity for Families

How BlackCloak Provides Cybersecurity Protection for the Entire Family

BlackCloak continuously monitors all your personal devices for malware or indicators of compromise to your family’s cybersecurity while maintaining strict user privacy compliance. 

Our professionals apply the latest enterprise-grade tools to establish and manage a secure network for your family’s cybersecurity needs. We provide regular network scans, enabling immediate response to possible attacks. 

How BlackCloak Offers Family Privacy for Better Cybersecurity

Our digital specialists employ meticulous measures in safeguarding private data within home office networks. By maintaining your privacy, we make it harder for cybercriminals to use your information to compromise your family’s cybersecurity. The BlackCloak team delivers the capabilities and expertise in removing personal information from data brokers. 

We enhance family device privacy settings to prevent and recover from data breaches and exploitation. All of our family cybersecurity packages include a personal privacy kit and concierge assistance. Take comfort knowing that your personal cybersecurity advisor is always a tap, message, or phone call away. 

Customized Cybersecurity for Families

An increasingly connected cyber world may expose your children to malicious actors and negative influences. Your partner may become the target of a sophisticated phishing campaign. Modern cyber threats may gradually infiltrate your entire home network, devices, and personal accounts, compromising sensitive data.

BlackCloak offers flexible cybersecurity packages for families of high-net-worth and HNWIs, according to their specific needs. Maintain the highest standards of family cybersecurity with annual plans designed to give you peace of mind.

The BlackCloak platform combines software applications and services to ensure holistic family cybersecurity & privacy protection. Our dedicated specialists will guide you through each cybersecurity element to recommend the most strategic outcomes. Here are some ways our specialists can help secure your family’s digital life:

  • Device Monitoring – Mobile & Computers
  • Identity Theft Protection and Insurance
  • Weekly Home Network Scans
  • Personal Privacy Kit
  • Continuous Deep/Dark Web Scans
  • Internet Data Broker Information Removal