Peace of Mind.

The ONLY holiday gift for the person or family that already has everything. 

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Nearly 30% of ultra-high-net-worth families, family offices, and family businesses have experienced a cyberattack in recent years. In reality, that percentage is much higher. Wealth, status, access, identity, reputation, and more are uniquely at-risk.

Bring BlackCloak Home For the Holidays

Personal cybersecurity and digital privacy protection from BlackCloak is specifically built to protect the personal digital lives of successful people like you – those with little time and a lot to lose. Your concierge digital security experience awaits.

Get Digital Protection, Support Cybersmile Foundation

From now until December 31, BlackCloak will donate 5% of all new clients’ first year membership to The Cybersmile Foundation. Together, let’s invest in the future of digital security while you enjoy the gift of Peace of Mind this holiday season and beyond.

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Client Success Story

Your Family

Executive Protects Family from Device Hijacking and Data Theft
A smiling older woman.
Client Success Story

The Matriarch

Matriarch Responds After Repeated Hacks
A young, smiling man in business attire.
Client Success Story

The General Counsel

General Counsel Gets Ahead Of A Breach With A Digital Executive Protection Program
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Client Success Story

The Philanthropist

Philanthropist Secures His Email With Help From Blackcloak
A professional businesswoman in an office.
Client Success Story

The Executive

Executive Takes Action After Social Account Is Hacked To Attack Company
A businesswoman seated in a leather armchair.
Client Success Story


CEO Takes Control When Betrayed By It Professional
Aman in business attire in a financial institution.
Client Success Story

The Wealth Manager

Venture Capital Firm Detects Exposed Home Cameras and Mitigates Risk to Associate’s Family and the Company
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Client Success Story


Company Recovers Executive’s Corporate Email Account from Hackers
A smiling CISO using a tablet
Client Success Story


CISO Takes Action When Entire Executive Team Has Identities Stolen
A well-dressed executive
Client Success Story

Your C-Suite Team

CISO Secures Personal Devices and Protects Company